Yelling At Friends Episode 7 – The Best Thing Since Sliced Cantaloupe

In this episode, Ryan and Erin announce a big plan for episode 100, a dark secret about Ryan’s royal past, Family Feud, T-Mobile support is the best, emotional support hamsters, Ryan’s connection with Gianni Versace, George Clooney, the AIDS Taliban Garden, dropping your phone in the toilet, and Country Lawyer Warren Thibodeaux defends a client over a cheesecake related offense, SHARK NEWS, SPACE NEWS, Rank Them, Peter Rabbit, food allergies, then we apologize for our weekly transgressions.

Yelling At Friends Episode 6 – I Don’t Like Turkey Hill Donits

In this episode, Ryan and Erin talk about Shamokin, PA recovering from their Dunkin Donits Tragedy, Statutory Tax Rates, Erin and Ryan’s childhood punishments, Adam Sandler, Shark News (Talking Orcas), Space News, GOOP Summit, World’s Most Dangerous Clown (Trump), and of course, Rank Them.

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Yelling At Friends Episode 3 – Who Said It? Trump, David Duke, or Strom Thurmond?

In this episode, Erin is near death and Ryan does good accents. They play World’s Most Dangerous Clown, where Erin has to guess whether certain quotes are from Trump, David Duke, or Strom Thurmond. More Shark News. Erin went to Buffalo. Ryan rants about the British royal family. Also, Erin has Ryan guess the most common items found in people’s butts in 2017.

Yelling At Friends Episode 2 – Monkeys and Deer Cannot Have Babies

In this episode, Ryan makes Erin play Defend Yourself for an absurd claim. She accuses Ryan of knowing too much about interspecies boning. They recruit for Shark-Witness News! correspondents, play World’s Most Dangerous Clown, No Buffets, and Dearest Reba. Also, Warren Thibodeaux goes to court for some good ol’ fashioned country lawyerin’. And people, stop with the engagement photos.

Yelling At Friends Episode 1 – Ryan’s Been Playing Me Love Songs

In this first episode, Erin insults Ryan on his appearance, which he convincingly pins on the Russians,  then they let the citizens of Duluth know if they need a coat, then talk about hat-stealing monkeys, SHARK NEWS, then GOOP Price is Right (featuring a blood-soaked tequila set!), and RANK THEM.