Yelling At Friends Episode 10 – A Golden Girls SHOCKER

In this episode, Erin makes Ryan play Defend Yourself because she has terrible taste in movies.
-Erin knows way too much about WWII and she proves it playing the game, That’s Not (3rd) Reight!
-Erin turns around and quizzes Ryan about GOOP and he knows far too much.
-Ryan knows nothing of Kiera Knightly.
-A shocker about The Golden Girls.
-A fun Tommy Wiseau story.
-People being offended that Katie Couric said Dutch people like to ice skate.
-An old sweet stalker.
-Erin wears hobo pants.
-Temp jobs are horrible and some people are awful and pretentious.
-Blue Man Group.
-$31,000 for a table?
-And of course: SHARK NEWS and SPACE NEWS.